Dotmatics for Biologics Discovery


Pharma and biotechs have greatly increased their investments in the development of a wide variety of biologics and chemically modified biologics. But many struggle with how to track the processes, experiments, entities and huge volumes of data being produced.  The Dotmatics informatics solution for biologics discovery helps research organizations run more successful and efficient projects. Multidisciplinary and even multiorganizational teams can capture and track all their biologics data and processes and then use the analytics and decision support capabilities to make the best informed decisions on project progression.


Seamless Multidisciplinary Workflows

The biologics discovery and development workflow is complex, highly iterative and requires many handoffs between different scientific teams within a company or across collaborating organizations

Dotmatics capabilities are fully integrated so scientists can easily follow their workflows through the software. They can use work- requesting capabilities to create and monitor cross-team workflows.  Dashboards allow all team members to monitor the status of project and their workflows.

Dashboards allow all team members to monitor the status of project and their workflows


Lab Informatics for Molecular Biologists

Integrated workflows allow molecular biologists to capture their experiments in the Notebook and send the data directly to Bioregister to record DNA, RNA, Protein, antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, plasmids, chemically modified peptides and nucleotides, cell lines and user-defined entities, capturing the relationships between those entities. They also enables users to record samples for all of these entities, clone vector, purification and expression information and to manage the protein production process.

They can use Cascade to request assay services on their compounds


Lab Informatics for Sample Managers

Integrated workflows in Inventory allow sample managers to receive samples into a hierarchy of storage locations, manage sample lifecycles, and to distribute aliquots and plates for testing.


Lab Informatics for Assay Scientists

Integrated workflows allow assay scientists to capture and analyze data from primary, secondary and DMPK assays in Studies.

They can publish validated assay results directly to the scientific teams.

They can use Cascade to request samples and plates from inventory management.


Decision Support for the Scientific Team

All team members can use Browser to search across all research data including experiments, biologic entities, samples and assays as soon as results become available.

Vortex provides bioinformatics analysis including alignment, clustering, biologic-activity statistical analysis and high performance visualization of project data, allowing the team to make well informed decisions about project progressions.

Real-time dashboards support project management decision making.


Designed for Collaboration

Dotmatics software is designed for collaboration between scientific teams within an organization or, when cloud hosted, across a collaborative research network of pharmas, biotechs, CROs and academic labs. Scientific data can be shared in real time, event feeds and dashboards show up-to-date project status and collaboration and communication tools facilitate interaction between distributed teams.


Customer Experiences

Morphosys, a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies users Vortex’s biologics capabilities to support analysis of molecules in their antibody research  and to analyze and visualize their screening data enabling rapid, informed decision making.

One of the world’s largest biotech companies uses the solution to automate the analysis of intact protein mass spectral data for complex antibody-drug conjugates.  Replacing a manual labor-intensive and error-prone Excel-based process saved them significant time and cost, and greatly increased throughput by removing a processing bottleneck whilst minimizing manual errors.

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