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BioIT Hosted Webinar: Integrated Informatics for Biologics Discovery

Join Robert Brown, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Marketing, Dotmatics and Rob Eagle, Principal Application Scientist, Dotmatics for a presentation looking at the challenge of supporting biologics discovery and current solutions.

Webinar - Introducing Dotmatics' D40

Introducing Dotmatics' D40

D40 brings live chemistry to Microsoft™ Office, making applications such as Excel®, PowerPoint®, Word and Outlook® chemically aware. Join our presenter Rob Brown,  PhD , VP Product Marketing to learn more and view a demonstration.

Dotmatics 5.1

What’s New in Dotmatics 5.1

As we release our latest version, join our expert team to find out what’s new and how this can benefit your organisation. Join our presenter Rob Brown,  PhD, VP Product Marketing to learn more and view a demonstration.

Overview of dotmatics solutions

Watch Dr. Rob Brown's overview presentation of Dotmatics solutions.

Introducing Dotmatics Reaction Workflows

Dotmatics Vortex Webinar

Dotmatics Biologics – Enhancing Biological Capabilities in Vortex

Dotmatics Biology is a new capability being launched within Dotmatics Vortex product. It is designed to extend the capabilities of Vortex to include key scientific features for biologists and bioscience related work including metabolomics and high throughput sequencing.

What’s New in Dotmatics 5.0?

What’s New in Dotmatics 5.0?

In this webinar Dr. Rob Brown and Alister Campbell will highlight how 5.0 will help scientific teams be even more effective in their external collaborations and more productive in small molecule and biologics discovery projects.

Dotmatics Spaces Webinar

Introducing Spaces

Watch Dr. Phil Mounteney and Dr. Rob Brown as they discuss the benefits of Spaces and demonstrate the benefits for organizations involved in collaborative research across disparate teams.

Dotmatics Webinar

Introducing Chemselector

Watch Alister Campbell Introduce Chemselector — Optimising Compound Selection and Sourcing With eMolecules and Dotmatics.

Dotmatics Webinar

Biological data management: registering, tracking and analysing complex data

A live demonstration of the ways in which the Dotmatics Platform can address the challenges faced by today’s biologists. Dotmatics’ revolutionary approach to handling biological data enables scientists to register and track biological samples as well as other entities and their associated data through their life cycle including, antibodies, cell lines, ADC, etc. in a web-based, secure environment run via a local server or in the cloud. Not only can users store data but, more importantly, all data can be queried, analysed and reported in a speedy and easy manner.