Accurate and comprehensive chemical sourcing database with advanced searching

Dotmatics Chemselector provides access to millions of reagents and screening compounds with up-to-date availability and pricing information. Advanced searching allows scientists to select the most appropriate reagents and screening compounds for their experiments.


What it does

  • Searches a database of over 20 million compounds and 8 million unique chemical substances, combined with availability, pricing and packaging information from hundreds of suppliers using data curated by eMolecules
  • Adds additional information to the eMolecules source data to enhance searching, including deprotected structures, calculated physicochemical properties and structure classes
  • Automatically updated to show the latest eMolecules  supplier and catalog data



  • Quality – the eMolecules source data ensures only in-stock or synthesized compounds from credible vendors are listed
  • Up-to-date – the data is updated monthly to ensure current availability, sizing, and pricing data
  • Searchable – powerful searches across eMolecules data and Dotmatics data such as the deprotected structure, compound classes and physicochemical properties
  • Integrated – delivered and searched using Dotmatics Browser ensuring information is fully integrated


    Key Features

    • 8 Million unique chemical substances and 20 million compounds
    • Protected and deprotected versions of the chemical structures
    • Accurate and up-to-date availability, supplier, price and packaging information
    • Compound class and physiochemical properties, matched molecular-pairs data
    • Delivered as searchable Dotmatics Browser project for exact, substructure and superstructure chemical search combined with data field searching
    • Auto-update mechanism
    • Create lists of compounds for procurement through existing corporate systems or using eMolecules fulfilment services
    • On-premise or cloud installation