Company Leadership

Stephen Gallagher, BSc, PhD

Director and Chief Executive Officer 

Steve obtained a first degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in biophysics and molecular modelling. After completing his post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, Steve joined Merck in 2000. While at Merck, Steve was responsible for delivering global applications in data-mining, information management, decision-support tools and text-mining. Steve left Merck in 2005 to found Dotmatics Limited.

Alastair Hill, BSc, MSc

Director and Chief Technical Officer

Alastair joined Merck in 1998 as a medicinal chemist, after obtaining his first degree in chemistry. Following a sabbatical in 2002, to take a Masters in chemoinformatics, he returned to Merck where he was responsible for developing chemical software applications, managing chemical databases and performing small-molecule modelling studies. Alastair left Merck in 2005 to found Dotmatics Limited.

Mike Hartshorn, BSc, D.Phil

Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Mike obtained his first degree in chemistry, and D.Phil in protein structure elucidation, from the University of York. His previous employment includes MDL Inc. and MSI where he was responsible for developing desktop chemistry tools. More recently, he was employed by Astex Therapeutics as Associate Director of Chemoinformatics where he oversaw the development of in-house software and database systems. Mike joined Dotmatics Limited as Director and CSO in 2006.